Beaches are beautiful vacation spots. Very few of them are picturesque and unbelievably scenic, giving the warmth of a heaven to the body. But sometimes, no matter where you go for a vacation your heart may not feel complete. That is when you need right vacation spot for yourself, the soul. Where are such shores to reach the ocean of joy? Is there a best one out of them?


There are multiple shores to enter the ocean of joy, the eternal bliss. Firstly, we must understand that joy, the eternal bliss is attained only when one realises God. This is the only experience that is not only joyful (bhogyam), but also the healthiest goal to be aimed for (prapyam). 

A Special Shore for the Soul

Any other realisation or experience in the world is either not attainable or not eternally joyful. For example: Chocolate is bhogyam but not prapyam (Sorry Chocolate lovers! 😊). A medicine is prapyam when you are sick, but it is not bhogyam. Some others may seem both prapyam and bhogyam. But either their ability to keep you joyful (bhogyatvam) does not last forever or they are not the best goal (prapyatvam) to aim for.

A Special Shore for the Soul


The “ME” Shore –  On this shore the soul (you) believe in your efforts to realise God

The “DEVATHA” Shore – Here, the soul seeks help of God’s administration (Aditya, Varuna, Indra, Brahma, Rudra etc) to realise Him

The “NITYA SURI” Shore – Here, the soul seeks support of God’s constant companions (such as Sudarshana, Garuda, Adisesha etc) to realise Him

The “SRIYAH PATHI” Shore – On this shore, the soul seeks refuge of God, realises Him as an embodiment of ‘compassion (Sri – Lakshmi Devi) and supremacy (Narayana) – Srimannarayana’

A Special Shore for the Soul


The ‘SRIYAH PATHI’ shore is the best shore. This shore brings you beautifully close to God. This is because of the presence of ‘Sree, Lakshmi Devi’ (the highest embodiment of compassion) in the path. When compassion (SREE) is your honourable companion, the unquestionable supreme authority (NARAYANA) automatically becomes your loving leader! Such Sriman Narayana has all it takes to keep you eternally blissful and protect you from anything that blocks you from a joyful stay at the shore. 


As soon as one enters the ‘SRIYAH PATHI’ shore, the soul gets protected from any hurdle that blocks him from experiencing the joy. 

 Long-Lasting: After innumerable births in various bodies, the soul carries certain characteristics.These are a result of association with the body. Example: We have certain characteristics: ‘being laid back’ or ‘too aggressive’ or ‘too angry’ or ‘too careless’ etc. We built up this attitude from so long and now they seem like natural traits. And they make us feel like we can never get rid of them. But, that isn’t true because those attributes are not natural for us. These traits have their roots at one main cause – ‘ignorance’ (avidya – unaware of true nature of oneself). One can overcome these at the ‘SRIYAH PATHI’ shore!

Acquired or Imposed: These are hurdles resulting from newly inculcated ideas that take one away from right path. For example: An idea that ‘your destiny is in your hands’ is very inspirational and promising. But, understanding the glitch in it and the limitations will actually make you more powerful than believing in it as it is. Such intricate flaws in knowledge or flaws during its implementation are the hurdles that fall in this category. One is protected from such hurdles also at the ‘SRIYAH PATHI’ shore! 

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– Bhagavad Vishayam, 19 th September 2019

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