‘Narendra Modi ji on Article 370’ or ‘best schools in Hyderabad’ or ‘first President of China’ or ‘Roman civilization’ or ‘how do I crack my NEET exam’ or ‘quick veg lunch recipes’ or ‘percentage of oxygen levels in Stratosphere’ or ‘HCL stock price’ or ‘Home remedies for headache’ or ‘cheap flights to Mumbai’ or ‘tips for organic farming’ etc. These are few examples of google search phrases.

If we are not sure of anything, ‘google-it’ is the way to go these days. Although we must be aware of the authenticity of information, we get access to loads of it through google. 

When it comes to practical understanding of soul: Ramayana is the way to go!
When it comes to practical example of a perfect human being: Ramayana is the way to go!
When it comes to practical guidance on life: Ramayana is the way to go!

So, why wait? Let’s ‘Ramayana-it’!

Sexuality – Is this a sin or a blocker in one’s spiritual path?

Let’s see what our role-model couple, the divine-duo Sri Rama Chandra and Sitha Devi have to say about this question. Did they have intimate time with each other?

Got a query about life? Ramayana is your Google!

Yes! They spent 12 beautiful years together in their kingdom before heading for 14 years of exile. Valmiki in fact mentions that they spent many seasons (12 years x 6 seasons = 72 seasons) together. He used ‘seasons’ instead of ‘years’ to indicate how they spent their intimate time in alignment with weather conditions along with all the relevant objects of interest (ex: jasmine flowers in summer etc). He was so beautifully in love with her that He knew what exactly was in her heart and responded accordingly. He was therefore named manasvi (one who knew to read the heart)!

Earlier, Rama would only be interested in following his father’s instructions, or righteous ruling, or worshipping God. Sitha was surprised seeing how all of them took a back seat in Rama’s mind. She was more aware of what was happening than He was.

Now, did this become a blocker or a sin in their path – be it spiritual or otherwise!? No. It didn’t. If that was the case, they would have never been involved with each other in such intimate mode.

Sages admired the way Rama beautifully put His senses under His control and not the other way around! He never suppressed them, He only utilised them when it was the right time and only for right causes.

Nammalwar says, “God is so deeply in love with me that He put aside His supremacy and became one with me”. Alwar’s experience of his togetherness with God unveils abundance of wisdom in him. Such is the true state of a soul – blissful knowledge

Such was the state of Sitha, who was experiencing Rama’s love deeply and intimately.

From the teachings of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– Bhagavad Vishayam, 9th August 2019

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