Lakshman was combating with Ravan on the battle-field. After a while, he collapsed and fell unconscious. Ravan wished to take Lakshman’s unconscious body to his kingdom. So, he tried to carry him. But he could not move Lakshman even by an inch. Hanuma noticed what Ravan was trying to do. He rushed to Lakshman and lifted him up with so much ease that Ravan felt clueless!

As a matter of fact, Ravan was not any weaker to Hanuman. Then, why couldn’t Ravan lift up Lakshman?

Lakshman here represents Rama (happiness)
Ravan represents arrogance and egoistic nature (durahankar).
Hanuma represents devotion and belief.

When one is arrogant and egoistic – one cannot even understand true joy, forget about experiencing it! However, when one devotes himself to God and believes in Him, such true joy follows the person, even when one has not consciously sought it. God makes Himself accessible to such devotees.

This is also seen with Yashoda. She experienced immense true joy without even seeking or trying for it. Whereas, Kamsa experienced hell everyday despite having all sorts of wealth. To add on, the beauty of being purely devoted is that God himself allows the devotee to realise Him right where he/she is. As we know, Yashoda did not travel anywhere in space or time, Krushna just revealed Himself to her through various deeds right at her home…!

Ravan and Hanuma

What does it mean to realise Him?

To realise God is to be devoted to Him. The magnitude of His work, His greatness, His compassion and many such extremely heart-drenching qualities come into realization, due to which one feels more and more devoted to God.

Such pure love and the firm belief of a devotee towards God puts him in such unblemished solid state of right knowledge. His conduct therefore is flawless (as it is driven by such knowledge).

Note: It is not the greatness of the devotee, but it is the natural outcome of being associated with God. Just like association with a good friend has a good impact on one’s conduct, deep association with God moulds one to an exemplary state.

Any recent example of such realised soul?

Yes!! He took birth in the 41st year of this Kali Yuga. He was in this world for 32 years. For first 16 years, he did not speak a word. He was bin yogam, a beautiful form of union with almighty. When he later interacted with a great saint Madhurakavi, every word he uttered revealed his devoted deep dive into God. He sung thousands of pasurams, poems on His experience with God, each of which were elaborated by well known scholars. The wisdom shared by him, Nammalwar, is a one-stop solution for all questions in life! 

– From the teachings of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– Bhagavad Vishayam, 18th August 2019

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