Thousands of people assembled with joy to wish Swamiji a very happy 63rd birthday at JIVA asram on the 7th of November 2018.

Swamiji once said, ‘Life is neither a problem to be solved, nor a challenge to be won. It is an opportunity to utilise!’ at GMRIT. HH utilises the day of His birth every year also as an opportunity to be thankful to God at the core level of Vedic system. Swamiji recognises and awards a Vedic scholar every year on this day, the Jeeyar Award! This is the most important activity that Swamiji does on His birthday…!

Why only a Vedic scholar, why is it so important?

Here’s an excerpt of Swamiji’s message on this day:

It is said that stones began to float and bond with each other when the name of Sri Rama was written on them. This facilitated the construction of bridge to Lanka. Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji thought, ‘If the name of Sri Rama had the power to bond stones, then the name of Rama in people’s hearts can bond the society with the right strength!’ That is why Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji conducted Rama Krathus for an entire year moving from one place to another every 27 days to spread the glory of Sri Rama. It was done in an age when there were questions about the history and sanctity of Vedic scriptures. Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji also conducted Akhila Bharatha Vidwath Conference in Delhi to understand the nature of current days and the ways to mobilise Vedic knowledge to commoners.

Swamiji laid strong foundation for such process and we must build a beautiful palace on it. As part of the process of building that beautiful palace, we recognise and award a Vedic scholar, a ghanapati every year. Bramhasri Gullapalli Sitaramachandra Murthi garu is exemplary and is committed to Vedam, including his sons and sons-in-law! His dedication comes from his father who was also a recipient of the Jeeyar Award.

Any literature that expands on the secrets of Vedam are part of Vedic Literature, veda vangmayam! While the power to protect one resides in Vedam, the beauty of the it can be happily relished in rest of the Vedic literature. Ramayan, Mahabharath, Bhagavatham and all other such literature which work towards explaining the intent and essence of Vedam add beauty to Vedam. We should ensure there is no distortion to the actual intent of Vedam in any of the interpretations. That is what all the scholars should work for. Preserving the intent and meaning of the original scriptures is of high importance.

We should all be thankful to the great Vedic literature, work towards preserving and protecting it. Rushis say, ‘Yasya nishwasitam vedaha..!’ meaning Vedam is the breath of God. Every word in it is extremely powerful, completely strong and determined to protect us. The Vedic scholars are around, read the scriptures, if you crave for the knowledge with a sincere intent after reading the scriptures – then you are all welcome to come share with us the experience, and any questions. JIVA Research and Publications is working towards this goal by carefully gathering the core practitioners of Vedam.

The more closer we can get to the Vedic way of life style, the lesser the problems we will face…

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami, 7th and 8th November 2018

On the 8th of November 2018, Swamiji received the aalaya maryada from various temples from Badrinath in the north to Sri Rangam in the south. Priests from more than 50 temples across the nation have come to offer the prasdam of the God and garlanded Swamiji on this occasion. Everyone expressed their wish for long healthy life for Swamiji and direct the entire mankind as prescribed in Vedam!


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