Sometimes we wonder, does God really watch us? If so, why is there so much sorrow in the world? Why are there tsunamis and earth quakes? Why is God letting atheists enjoy the same state as devotees, sometimes even better physical stature? Why can’t everyone enjoy the ideal beautiful eternal blissful state together? What is stopping God from granting the world such state?

To understand all this, we must know God’s nature. He (the paratatva) works in TWO modes…


God’s intent is always to slowly lead us out of the current ignorant state. That is why, the Vedic wisdom is made available in various forms. However, we choose to take a different path than what Vedas say. This is when God remains passive. He will allow you to do what you desire, like a parent giving certain free will to their little child who is constantly wanting to go against his/her direction. Parent still continues to watch the child. When the child gives up because he foresees a danger, the parent shields the child. Similarly, God remains passive only until you say, ‘God… I need you’.

A child who goes against a parent’s direction faces certain hard times (those which could have been easily avoided). Similarly, we are also facing such hard time (all the hassles that come with birth – the old age, the diseases, the inabilities etc). We continue to disobey guidance of Vedas. It will ultimately lead us to a state where we will be put into bodies which we can’t use to even think, move or act (a tree, a stone etc).  

So – Yes, God is watching us but is passive because we have decided to dis-obey His guidance.


God’s compassion does not let him remain passive. Hence, He recreates. He reincarnates. He reiterates. He works like a farmer who does not give up even when his land isn’t yielding year after year. That is why, ‘Anirvinnaha’ (one who works tirelessly) is a name given to Lord in Sri Vishnu Sahasra Namam that glorifies His untiring journey with all of us…

Only to name a few…

  • As Hayagriva, He restored the Vedic Wisdom that Bramha once lost. 
  • As Kurma, He gave us the wisdom through puranas.
  • He dictated dharma sastras to Manu
  • As Rama, Krishna and Vamana – He re-established the way to lead life by teaching us ‘what’ and ‘how’…
    • What to do – what are the dos and donts during our lifetime
    • How to do – how should we carry out the recommended activities

God is watching us! And the real seekers are experiencing the bliss along with Him…
What about us?! Let us not block His grace, Let us welcome God’s grace with open hearts!

– From the teachings of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– During Bhagavad Vishayam, 26 th Sep 2019