God’s Role in our Success

Self-confidence is defined as ‘a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities and judgement’. It is a common keyword in every personality development lecture. Is self-confidence alone enough to achieve success? Does God have any role to play in

The true essence of an Independent Country

Ramayana is an Adi Kavyam. It is called so because it has everything for anyone and everyone.  It has blue print for a son, father, husband, friend, wife, brother and Administrator. It is said that in Kosala Rajya, the

What does the Red and the White signify?

It was the day when more than a hundred young boys came together at JIVA asram for the sacred thread ceremony, (the upanayanam) followed by panchasamskara – the initiation to Ashtakshari mantra. One of those young boys had a

International Yoga Day at JIVA

Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji is a boon to the nation. Let us all support his drive to cleanse the nation, both internally and externally. Yoga has been an integral part of JIVA (Jeeyar Integrative Vedic Academy) since its