angan ma: jna:nalaththarasar, abima:na
bangama:y vandu nin pallik kattil ki:zhe:
sangamiruppa:r po:l vandu thalaip peydo:m,
kingini va:y chcheyda tha:marai pu:ppo:le:

sengan sirichchiride: yemme:l vizhiya:vo:
thingalum a:diththiyanum ezhunda:rpo:l,
anganirandum kondu engal me:l no:kkudiye:l,
engal me:rccha:pam izhindu e:lo:remba:va:y ||

Meanings with Pictures

Beginning from great kings down to insignificant souls, there are those who developed the egotism that they are the possessors of this vast world comprised of beautiful countries. Such people have now, left their pride and having realized Your supremacy and eager to serve You, reached in groups, near Your cot on which You rest. Just like them, we too have been able to reach You, leaving our feminism and realizing that there is no other prescribed path other than You. O Swamy! Wake up. Open your eyes slowly like the round chiming bells that have a small slit in the centre, like the red-lotuses that have just begun to bloom slowly. Please open Your eyes slowly such that we are able to bear the brilliance, and shower Your divine glances on us. Your eyes are radiating brilliant cool luster, just like the rising of the sun and the moon together. If we are graced with those beautiful eyes then all our presentsins that are responsible for our separation would be destroyed and we would obtain the boon of Your association.paasuram1

Short Meaning –
Jai Srimannarayana !