siththum siruka:le: vandunnaich che:viththu, vun
poththa:marai yadiye: po:ththum porul ke:la:y
peththam meyththunnam kulaththil pirandu, ni:
kuththe:val engalaik kolla:mal po:ga:du

eththai parai kolva:n anruga:n go:vinda:
eththaikkum e:zhe:zh piravikkum, undanno:du
uththo:me:ya:vo:m unakke: na:m a:tcheyvo:m,
maththainam ka:mangal ma:ththe:lo:remba:va:i ||

Meanings with Pictures

O! Lord! We have come directly to Your residence, early in the morning, to serve You and to sing praises of Your divine feet which are like the blooming, golden Lotuses. Please listen to the benefits we desire from You. O! Swamy! You incarnated in our Go:kula community that consumes food only after the cattle grazes. And hence, You cannot go away without accepting our services that we intended to offer You privately. O! Govinda! It is not for just the musical instrument Parai, that we observed this vratham! The Parai we desire is different – As long as this soul exists, in all the births, we want all associations and relationships with You alone. We want to be able to do all kinds of services to You. Please destroy any other kind of desires within us that turn as hurdles in obtaining what we want. This is the only highest benefit we ask of You.paasuram29



Short Meaning –
Jai Srimannarayana !