oruththi magana:y ppirandu, o:riravil
oruththi magana:y oliththu valara
ththarikkila:na:giththa:n thi:ngu ninainda
karuththaip pizhaippiththu kanjan vayiththil

neruppenna nenra neduma:le:! unnai
aruththiththu vando:m parai tharudiya:kil,
thiruththakka selvamum se:vagamum ya:mba:di,
varuththamum thi:rndu magizhinde:lo:remba:va:y ||

Meanings with Pictures

O! Lord! One night You were born, as the son of De:vaki De:vi who desired to have You as her son in a 4 handed-form. That very same night, You appeared, and secretly grew up as the dear son of Yaso:da who longed to see Your pastimes as a boy. When the [wicked] Kamsa came to know about You, he became jealous and thought of harming You. You, then destroyed and made his intentions futile; You became a scorching fire in his belly and eventually killed him. You thus have been saved for us. O! Lord who has great passion for us, we came to request the musical instrument parai, only from You. If you give us the parai, we will sing about Your wealth that even Lakshmi De:vi regards; We will sing about Your heroic feats that Lakshmi desires to hear; We will forget all the difficulties we endured to attain You and thus become very happy.paasuram1

Short Meaning –
Jai Srimannarayana !