na:yagana:y ninra nandago:panudaya
ko:yil ka:ppa:ne: !, kodiththo:nrum tho:rana
va:sal ka:ppa:ne: !, manikkadavam tha:l thirava:y
a:yar sirumiyaro:mukku, arai parai
ma:yan manivannan nennale: va:y ne:r nda:n
thu:yo:ma:y vando:m thuyilezhap pa:duva:n,
va:ya:l munnamunnam ma:ththa:de: amma: ! ni:,
ne:sanilaik kadavam ni:kke:lo:remba:va:y ||

Meanings with Pictures

So far all the Go:pikas in the group came together. Now they have to enter the house of Nanda Go:pa, Sri Krushna’s father. They have to awaken the guards at the entrance.
O! Guard of the mansion that belongs to our leader Nanda Go:pa (Or O! You who is our leader and are the guard of the mansion that belongs to Nanda Go:pa), O! Guard at the second entrance which is shining brilliantly and decorated with a flag-staff and festooned with leaves that are swaying, please open the locks of the gems-studded doors. You don’t have to fear us for we are merely young, ignorant Go:pikas. Lord Sri Krushna – the One with deep blue complexion and amazing qualities, promised us yesterday, that He shall grant us the musical instrument parai of our vratham. Hence, we all came here to sing and wake Him from His sleep. Do not speak objection in the beginning itself! We request you, who fastened the doors strongly out of pure love for Sri Krushna, to kindly open the doors.

Short Meaning –
Jai Srimannarayana !