undu madagaliththan o:da:da tho:l valiyan
nandago:pa:lan marumagale: ! nappinna:y !
kandam kamazhum kuzhali: kadai thirava:y
vandu engum ko:zhi yazhaiththana ka:n, ma:davip

pandal me:l palka:l kuyilinangal ku:vinaka:n
panda:r virali ! vunmaiththunan pe:r pa:da,
sentha:maraik kaiya:l si:ra:rvalai yolippa
vandu thirava:y magizhinde:lo:remba:va:y ||

Meanings with Pictures

English Meaning:
O Nappinnai Piratti, O Daughter in-law of Nandagopa- the one who bears the physical strength
and might of fighting several intoxicated arrogant elephants, the one who never retreats from
such a battle without victory; O Neeladevi !You who possess tresses wafting beautiful fragrance;
Please open the doors. The hens are screaming everywhere that it’s already dawn. Several
groups of cuckoo birds perched on the ‘Madhavi’ creeper on the lattice have been cooing several
times for you. O You who have fingers curved like balls, we have been singing the glories of Sri
Krishna who is your aunt’s son and hence please come and open the door with your soft redlotus
like hands that are adorned with jingling bangles of divine qualities. Please come joyfully
on Your own accord rather than for the reason of our calling You.