thu:mani ma:daththuch chuththum vilakkeriya
thu:pam kamazhath thuyilanai me:l kan valarum
ma:ma:n magale ! manikkadavam tha:l thirava:y
ma:mi:r ! avalai yezhuppi:ro:, unmagalda:n,
u:maiyo: ? anrich chevido:, anandalo: ?
e:map perunthuyil mandirappatta:lo: ?
ma:ma:yan ma:davan vaigundan enrenru
na:mam palavum navinre:lo:remba:va:i ||

Meanings with Pictures

thu: = Pure
mani = diamonds
ma:daththu = fixed in the places
suththum = all around
vilakku = lamps
eriya = glowing
thu:pam = fragrance sticks
kamazha = are spreading perfumes
unmagalda:n = Is your daughter
u:mayo: = dumb ?
anri = otherwise
chevido: = is she deaf ?
anandalo: = or lethargic ?
e:mappatta:lo: = or is she protected from not coming out ?
manthirappatta:lo: = Is she hypnotised by some magic
perum thuyil = to sleep for long period
thuyil = soft
anai me:l = on the luxury bed
kanvalarum = sleeping
ma:ma:n magale: = O’ the daughter of my mother-in-law
manikkadavam = doors adorned with diamonds
tha:l = the bolt
thirava:y = open
ma:mi:r = O’ Mother in law !
avalai yezhuppi:ro: = wake her up
vaikundan = the dweller of paramapadam
ma:ma:yan = with great mysterious traits
ma:davan = the consort of mother Lakshmienru enru = said so again and again
navinru = (thus) we have chanted
palavum = so many of
na:mum = those holy hames

Short Meaning –

Go:pikas are waking up one girl who is sleeping, without going to Lord Krishna, pretending that He comes by Himself if He wishes so. (This is not due to the pride but due to pretence. Having fully confided in Him that He will surely come) O’ the daughter of my mother-in-law ! You are sleeping on the soft luxurious water bed, having the sandal sticks arranged around spreading the fragrances all around. Come, opening the diamond layered doors. O’ Mother in law ! You wake her up. Is your daughter deaf or dumb or extremely lethargic? or is there anyone protecting her not allowing her to come out ? or was she hypnotised by some magic of some manthra or has she become lazy. We are singing the glorious names of Lord Krishna as the consort of Lakshmi, the dweller of Paramapadam etc.. (and still she is not waking up?)

Jai Srimannarayana !