anrivvulam alanda:i adi po:ththi,
senranguth then ilangai seththa:i thiral po:ththi
ponrach chagadam udaiththa:y ! pukazh po:ththi
kanru kunila: verinda:y ! kazhal po:ththi

kunru kudaiya veduththa:y! gunam po:ththi
venrupagai kedukkum nin kaiyil ve:l po:ththi
enrenrun se:vagame: ye:ththi parai kolva:n
inru ya:m vando:m irange:lo:remba:va:i ||

Meanings with Pictures

When King Bali seized the kingdoms of the de:vathas, O! Lord! You approached Bali to suppress his ego and begged him for charity. Then You grew very large and measured the 3 rough worlds with Your divine feet. We offer mangalam (blessings) to those divine, lotus, gentle feet, which may have become tender at that time. When Si:tha was imprisoned by Ra:vana, You went to Lanka for her sake and destroyed that beautiful city. We offer mangalam to Your enormous vanquishing power. When demon Sakata:sura came in the form of a cart to crush You, You simply stretched Your divine feet to kill the demon with a mere touch. We sing mangalam to the fame of Your divine qualities. When the demons Vathsa:sura and Kapiththa:sura intended to kill You – Our Savior- You swirled the demoncalf Vathsa:sura and flung it like a pebble over the demon-fruit Kapiththa:sura [hiding in a wood-apple tree] making both the demons fall to their death – at which time you stretched Your divine foot. We offer mangalam to those divine feet of Yours. When hungry Indra out of anger, caused heavy rain of stones, You lifted the Go:vardhana hill and held it like an umbrella to protect the go:pa boys and cows. We offer mangalam to Your quality of compassion. You hold a spear in Your hand, that can completely destroy Your enemies, with its victorious quality. We offer mangalam to that spear of Yours. In this way, O! Swamy! We all gathered here, singing Your heroic feats, to obtain the parai (musical instrument) from You. Please show mercy.paasuram1

Short Meaning –
Jai Srimannarayana !