ma:le: ! mani vanna:! ma:rgazhi ni:ra:duva:n
me:laiya:r seyvanagal ve:nduvana
ke:ttiye:l, jna:laththai yella:m nadunga muralvana
pa:lanna vannaththu vun pa:nchajanniyame:,

po:lvana sangamgal po:yappa:dudai yanave:
sa:lap perum paraiye: palla:ndisaippa:re:
ko:la vilakke: kodiye: vitha:name:
a:linilaya:y ! arul e:lo:remba:va:y ||

Meanings with Pictures

O! Lord who is having a wonderful complexion of blue gem; who is very compassionate towards His devotees, we desire to perform the vratham of ‘Ma:rgasira Bath’. Our ancestors too have observed this vratham. If You can kindly listen to us, we would like to tell You the vratham procedure and the materials required for it. We want:

  • Several superior conches similar to Your pure, white conch Pa:nchajanya that produces tumultuous sounds shaking all the worlds!
  • A very big musical drum, with a wide central portion – the parai
  • Singers, who can sing mangalam to You
  • A big flag with lord Garuda on it
  • A divine lamp
  • A wide canopy

You are capable of giving all these. O! Dear Father! You lie on a tender banyan leaf and bear the entire cosmic creation in Your stomach. There is nothing You cannot do and so please show mercy.


Short Meaning –
Jai Srimannarayana !