ma:ri malai muzhanjil mannikkidand irangum
si:riya singam ariviththuth thi:vizhiththu
ve:rimayir pongaveppa:dum pe:rndudari,
mu:ri nimirndu muzhangip purappattu

po:daruma:po:le: ni: pu:vai pu:vanna: vun
ko:yil ninringane: po:ndarulik, ko:ppudaiya
si:riya singa:sanaththirundu, ya:m vanda
ka:riyam a:ra:yndarul e:lo:remba:va:i ||

Meanings with Pictures

English Meaning
Just like a brave lion (coiled and sleeping motionless in its mountain den in rainy season) wakes up,
spreads its sharp looks in all four directions, rolls over repeatedly as its fragrant mane hair stands erect,
gets up and shakes off its entire body, slowly stretches its body, suddenly roars and comes out walking
out of its den – similarly Oh Swamy with the body glow matching Athasi flower! To bless us, come out of
your palace, adorn the beautifully decorated, victorious, best throne, enquire the reason for our arrival
and grant us our wishes!

Short Meaning –
Jai Srimannarayana !